NetEqualizer News: November 2010


November 2010

NetEqualizer News

Upcoming NetEqualizer Feature To Supercharge YouTube


Enjoy another issue of the NetEqualizer Newsletter. This month, we introduce an upcoming NetEqualizer feature that will change the way YouTube is viewed on your network. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer News.

In this issue:

  • Supercharge YouTube With Our Upcoming NetEqualizer Feature

  • Thanks To You: Celebrate The Holidays With A New NetEqualizer

  • Best Of The Blog

  • Congratulations, David!

Supercharge YouTube With Our Upcoming NetEqualizer Feature
YouTube LogoGeneral caching is usually not something we promote because of the problems it can cause with secure pages and rapidly changing content. But, we also understand it’s inevitable that most ISPs will need to selectively cache content to stay competitive. This is especially true for certain high-traffic and bandwidth-intensive websites.

Considering this, we’re now working in our test labs to integrate a custom YouTube caching feature for the NetEqualizer. This feature will store the top 300-500 trending YouTube videos, which make up a significant portion of YouTube traffic, for faster and more efficient access.

This approach is already being taken by several major ISPs, but should prove beneficial for networks of all sizes.

For more information about how caching video can improve your network performance, click here.

If video caching (YouTube or otherwise) with the NetEqualizer is something that would be of interest to you, or if you have any questions, please let us know at or 1-800-918-2763.

Thanks To You: Celebrate The Holidays With A New NetEqualizer
As we celebrate Thanksgiving and move into the holiday season, we at APconnections want to express our thanks to all of our customers. To start, we’re pleased to introduce a new and expanded version of our NetEqualizer lifetime trade-in policy. Customers with NetEqualizers purchased four or more years ago now qualify for a credit of 50 percent of the original unit’s purchase price (not including NSS, NHW, etc.) toward a new NetEqualizer.
This offer is an addition to our original lifetime trade-in policy guaranteeing that in the event of an un-repairable failure of a NetEqualizer unit, customers have the option to purchase a replacement unit at a 50-percent discount off of the list price. 

While this policy is unique in its own right, we’re also challenging tech-industry tradition by offering it on units purchased from authorized NetEqualizer resellers. To learn more, or to get your trade-in started, contact us at or 1-800-918-2763.

For our official trade-in policy, visit our website.

Best Of The Blog
Product Ideas Worth Bringing To Market  

Editor’s Note:This month’s Best Of The Blog is a little out of the box, but it’s fun to think of product ideas. Feel free to add to our list (or to let us know if the products already exist) in the comments section on the blog and we’ll put your ideas in. Obviously, save the best ideas for yourself!

The following post will serve as a running list of various ideas as I think of them. I promise at least two or three a week. Since I run a technology company, I really don’t have time to see any of these ideas through to fruition.

The reason I’m sharing them is simply that I hate to let an idea go to waste. Notice that I did not say good idea. An idea cannot be judged until you make an attempt to develop it further, which I have not done in most cases.

Note: I cannot ensure exclusive rights or ownership for the development of any of these ideas.

1) A Real Unbiased Cell Phone Coverage Map We all know those spots on the interstate and parts of towns where our cell phone coverage is worthless. If you could publish an easy-to-use, widely accepted and maintained guide to these areas, it would become a very popular site.

Research Findings: From my brief search on the subject a consumer trade rag called CNET has done some work in this area but I could only find their demos and press releases. I kept getting the map of the Seattle area with no obvious way to get a broader map search.

2) Commodity Land Trading Site

Congratulations, David!
David WallaceCongratulations to David Wallace, our long-time marketing and public relations consultant. David is only a few short months away from receiving his doctorate in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

Over the past four years, David has been a driving force behind the growth of APconnections. He’s a pioneer in guerrilla Internet marketing and research and has advanced the field in many ways that continue to astound us. We wish him the best as he transitions into a faculty position in his field. Good luck, David!

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