NetEqualizer News: April 2011

NetEqualizer News

April 2011  

Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News. This month, we introduce the new NetEqualizer 5.0 release, which includes YouTube caching, and announce our latest FlyAway contest winner. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer News.
In This Issue:
:: NetEqualizer 5.0, YouTube Caching Released
:: Predict The IPv6 Switchover Date And Win $10,000
:: Best Of The Blog
:: And The FlyAway Contest Winner Is…
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NetEqualizer 5.0, YouTube Caching Released  

This month, we’re excited to introduce our most recent NetEqualizer release. NetEqualizer 5.0 will add several new features, including the much-anticipated YouTube caching feature (NCO).

As previously discussed, we’ve developed an embedded caching capability for YouTube videos that runs directly on your NetEqualizer (NE3000 or above only). When the NCO is activated, a squid proxy server is loaded, along with proprietary NetEqualizer configuration and integration software. The NCO caches frequently used, static content, which is primarily YouTube videos. To learn more about this feature, read our YouTube FAQ.

Here’s what you can expect from the new release:

  1. NetEqualizer 3000 Caching Option (NCO)
  2. Linux Kernel Update
  3. Refreshed Graphical Reporting
  4. Enhanced Large Pool/VLAN Tuning
  5. Relaxed License Enforcement
  6. Name Your NetEqualizer!
  7. New Speed Log Tool
  8. Better Monitor Bandwidth Hogs
  9. Reduce CPU Load
  10. Enhanced Firewall

Full details of the release features can be found here.
This software update is available without charge for NetEqualizer customers with a current NetEqualizer Software Subscription (NSS). However, there is a one-time charge to activate the NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO) module. For more information on the NCO, NSS or on the 5.0 software update, email sales.

Predict The IPv6 Switchover Date And Win $10,000

Earlier this month, we announced details of our ongoing contest to predict the worldwide switchover date to IPv6. We’re offering a $10,000-USD prize to the person (or persons) whose entry is closest to the date the switchover occurs.

This worldwide switch will be determined by the first time 50 companies with individual annual revenues of over $5 million change their public-facing Internet addresses to a full 128-bit address and completely abandon all use of IPv4. (Click here for a full list of contest rules.)

The contest is meant to spur discussion of the difficulties that will likely be faced before a full switch to IPv6 can occur. Amid the rumors and concerns surrounding the growing shortage of IPv4 addresses, little attention has been paid to how communication will be affected during the upcoming transition.

We recently addressed these issues in detail on our blog, and space has been dedicated on the site to facilitate discussion of the IPv6 transition. In addition to entering the contest, you’re invited to express your opinions about if and when the full transition will take place and what it means for your network.

Online contest registration began April 1st and will be open until June 29th, 2011.

Best Of The Blog

Confessions Of A Hacker

By Zack Sanders, NetEqualizer Guest Columnist

It’s almost three in the morning. Brian and I have been at it for almost sixteen hours. We’ve been trying to do one seemingly simple task for a while now: execute a command that lists files in a directory. Normally this would be trivial, but the circumstances are a bit different. We have just gotten into EZTrader’s blog and are trying to print a list of files in an unpublished blog post. Accomplishing this would prove that we could run any command we wanted to on the Web server, but it’s not working.

There must be something wrong with the syntax – there always is, right? We have to write the command into an ASP user control file, upload it via the attachment feature in the blog engine, and then reference it in a blog post. It’s ugly, but we are so close to piecing it all together.

I think it’s time for another cup of coffee.

EZTrader is a fictitious online stock trading company. Their front end is relatively basic, but their backend is complex. It allows users to manage their entire portfolio and has access to personal information and other types of sensitive data.

EZTrader came to us with an already strong security profile, but wanted to really put their site through the ringer by having us conduct an actual attack. They run automated scans regularly, have clean, secure code for their backend infrastructure with great SEO, and validate every request both on the client side and the server side. It really was impressive.

In the initial meeting with EZTrader, we were given a login and password for a generic user account so that we could test the authenticated portion of the site. We focused a lot of time and energy there because it is where the highest level of security is needed.

After days of trying to exploit this section of the website with no results, frustration was growing in each of us. Surely there must be some vulnerability to find, some place where they failed to properly secure the data.


So what do you do when the front door is locked? Try a window.

To keep reading, click here.

And The FlyAway Contest Winner Is…


Every few months, we have a drawing to give away two roundtrip domestic airline tickets from Frontier Airlines to one lucky person who’s recently tried out our online NetEqualizer demo.

The time has come to announce this round’s winner.

And the winner is…Ezra Gottlieb of the Morristown-Beard School.

Congratulations, Ezra! Please contact us within 30 days by emailing admin or calling 303-997-1300 x105 to claim your prize.

Photos Of The Month

NetEqualizer2 Small Shadow

New-Look NetEqualizer 2000 and 3000

NetEqualizerSmall - Shadow

New-Look NetEqualizer 4000

This month, we’ve devoted our photo section to showing off our new look for the NetEqualizer 2000, 3000 and 4000.

                    View our videos on YouTube

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