NetEqualizer News: September 2011

NetEqualizer News

September 2011  


Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News! This month, we discuss two new features that will be available in the Fall 2011 Software Update (IPv6 visibility and ToS priority handling), as well as introduce a new and exciting way to report on and monitor your NetEqualizer data. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer News.

In This Issue:
:: IPv6 Visibility
:: ToS Priority Feature
:: Dynamic Reporting With The NetEqualizer
:: Best Of The Blog

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 Coming This Fall:
IPv6 Visibility 

As part of the Fall 2011 Software Update, the NetEqualizer will provide enhanced visibility to IPv6 traffic. This feature will help our customers that are experimenting with IPv6/IPv4 dual stacks, as they start to see IPv6 Internet traffic on their networks.

As you may be aware, the NetEqualizer today currently supports passing IPv6 traffic; we are now adding visibility to IPv6 traffic.

Do not worry if you are not in dual stack mode yet, as customers are reporting only tiny amounts of IPv6 Internet traffic at this point.  Industry tests to-date show that only about 0.0026% (2 thousands of a percent!) of Internet traffic is IPv6.

Nonetheless, NetEqualizer is preparing for the eventual move by gradually building in IPv6 visibility and functionality in upcoming releases.

The enhanced IPv6 capabilities that we are implementing in the NetEqualizer this Fall include:

  • Providing you with visibility to current IPv6 connections so that you to determine if you need to start shaping IPv6 traffic.
  • Logging the IPv6 traffic so that you can obtain a historical snapshot to help in your IPv6 planning efforts.

Building in these capabilities now will help make the transition down the road that much easier for both us and our customers.

To read more about IPv6, and the debate surrounding it, check out our NetEqualizer News blog articles on the subject:

Ten Things You Should Know About IPv6

Do We Really Need IPv6 and When

As always, the Fall 2011 Software Update will be available at no charge to customers with valid NetEqualizer Software Subscriptions (NSS).

For more information on the NetEqualizer or the upcoming Fall 2011 Software Update, visit our blog or contact us via email: sales or toll-free U.S.(800-918-2763), worldwide (303) 997-1300 x. 103.

Coming This Fall:   

ToS Priority Feature

In addition to IPv6 visibility, our upcoming Fall 2011 Software Update will have the ability to honor ToS-bit priority on any stream coming into your network. The NetEqualizer methodology is the only optimization device that can provide QoS in both directions of a voice or video call over an Internet link.

For additional details and a breakdown of the technology, check out our recent blog article:

NetEqualizer Provides Unique Low-Cost Way To Send Your Priority Traffic Over The Internet an article from our blog

As always, the Fall 2011 Software Update will be available at no charge to customers with valid NetEqualizer Software Subscriptions (NSS).

For more information on the NetEqualizer or the upcoming release, visit our blog or contact us via email to sales or call toll-free U.S.(800-918-2763), worldwide (303) 997-1300 x. 103.

Dynamic Reporting  

with the NetEqualizer  

Have you ever wanted an inexpensive real-time bandwidth reporting tool?  

Well, you’ve found it.

Dynamic Reporting

The NetEqualizer can now easily integrate with Excel to deliver powerful monitoring and reporting of data – all in near real time. The tutorial linked to below outlines just one of the ways the NetEqualizer can work with Excel in this way. Feel free to implement the solution described, or build upon it to create your own unique reporting tool. The possibilities are infinite!

Dynamic Reporting With The NetEqualizer

an article from our blog.

Best Of The Blog


The Story of NetEqualizer  

by Art Reisman – CTO – NetEqualizer  


The following story details the start of NetEqualizer as a product and as a company. It is an interesting story that should prove inspirational for any entrepreneurial mind looking to start a business.

In the spring of 2002, I was a systems engineer at Bell Labs in charge of architecting Conversant – an innovative speech-processing product. Revenue kept falling quarter by quarter, and meanwhile upper management seemed to only be capable of providing material for Dilbert cartoons, or perhaps helping to fine-tune the script for The Office. It was so depressing that I could not even read Dilbert anymore – those cartoons are not as amusing when you are living them every day.

Starting in the year 2000, and continuing every couple of months, there was a layoff somewhere in the company (which was Avaya at the time). Our specific business unit would get hit every six months or so. It was like living in a hospice facility. You did not want to get to know anybody too well because you would be tagged with the guilt of still having a job should they get canned next week. The product I worked on existed only as a cash cow to be milked for profit, while upper management looked to purchase a replacement. I can’t say I blamed them; our engineering expertise was so eroded by then that it would have been a futile effort to try and continue to grow and develop the product. Mercifully, I was laid off in June of 2003.

Prior to my pink slip, I had been fiddling with an idea that a friend of mine, Paul Harris, had come up with. His idea was to run a local wireless ISP. This initially doomed idea spawned from an article in the local newspaper about a guy up in Aspen, CO that was beaming wireless Internet around town using a Pringles canI am not making this up.


To keep reading, click here or download the full story…

EPUB cover

Download eBook

NetEqualizer Story CoverDownload PDF

Photo Of The Month  

Chautauqua Park

Fall is coming…   

The transition from summer to fall in Colorado is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The temperatures return to bearable, and the sun is out late enough for an after-work hike or an evening picnic. Experiencing this phenomenal weather is one of the many reasons we live, work, and play in Colorful Colorado.

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