APconnections CTO Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article

Art Reisman, CTO of APconnections, was recently quoted and interviewed as the primary source in an article in the Wall Street Journal regarding Procter & Gamble’s employees’ Internet use. Art was asked to comment, due to his expertise in bandwidth shaping, on Procter & Gamble’s plan to restrict Internet access to sites such as Netflix and Pandora.

The article appeared in the April 4th, 2012 print edition of the Wall Street Journal. You can read the full article here in the online edition (you may need to be a subscriber to view): http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304072004577324142847006340.html

Here is Art’s expert commentary from the article:

…A number of businesses are struggling with bandwidth problems as extensive downloading soaks up network capacity and risks slowing connections. For instance, if a company has 500 employees and three are watching Netflix movies, they could use most of a company’s bandwidth if it doesn’t have a lot.

“Indeed, 300 employees surfing the Web could use the same amount as the movie watchers”, said Art Reisman, chief technology officer of NetEqualizer, which is part of traffic-management firm APconnections Inc.

“Let’s say you merge onto the freeway and no one will let you on. If these things are running, nobody else can get on,” said Mr. Reisman, who is based in Lafayette, Colo.

Of course, if you have a bandwidth shaper in place, such as the NetEqualizer, you are reducing contention on your Internet pipe.  The NetEqualizer uses fairness-based shaping, which will allocate bandwidth to the 300 employees surfing the web, while giving less bandwidth to the movie watchers (bandwidth hogs).


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