How Much Will That Replacement 3D Printer Cartridge Cost

By Art Reisman


In case you haven’t heard, Jeff Bezos, of Amazon Fame is tossing around idea of using 3D printers to provide unlimited inventory in all of their local warehouses. I suspect this is more of a proclamation for publicity rather than a near term reality?   A 3D printer is just  a catchy name for a new way to do injection molding.  It involves a process  that lays down material in slices, one on top of each other under the guidance of a computer, until the  slices stack up into the finished part. I don’t doubt this  process will obsolete  100+ year old injection molding techniques, but beyond economizing the parts business, I just don’t see a mesh of generic warehouses able to deliver products on demand through 3D printing. For example, if I dropped all the parts needed to build a Harley Davidson at the local hardware store for final assembly, would you want to buy the finished product ?   Modern manufacturing takes advantage of extreme agile and automated assembly line techniques to build anything.  Sourcing parts on demand with a local, one-off assembly would greatly inflate consumer costs for anything more complex than a paperweight.

As for my question about the replacement cost for the printer cartridge, I am more worried about the next-generation paper jam,  hot liquid plastic spewing out all over my desk.

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