NetEqualizer News: September 2013

September 2013


Enjoy another issue of NetEqualizer News! This month, we request your help in finding a location for our next NetEqualizer Tech Seminar, update you on our Fall Release progress, go over our 10 Year Anniversary charitable giving results, preview our new website design, talk about our leasing program, and invite you to a presentation held at a local Linux users group. As always, feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested in NetEqualizer News.

A message from Art…
Art Reisman, CTO – APconnections

IMG_0884This year, fall is coming slowly to Boulder, Colorado. In late August, we were experiencing several weeks of 90 degree+ (F) weather – which is great for my backyard garden tomatoes and peppers, so at least that’s a benefit. But I am ready for some cooler fall temperatures. On that note, our 2013 Fall Release is almost ready, and we plan for a late October harvest complete with lots of new features!

We love it when we hear back from you – so if you have a story you would like to share with us of how we have helped you, let us know. Email me directly at I would love to hear from you!

Wanted: Tech Seminar Location

We are looking for a host for our next seminar! Possible locations are not limited to the United States and anyone across the world willing to have this half day event should not hesitate to contact us!neteq seminar logo with border

The seminar brings our CTO, Art Reisman, directly to you. In this presentation, Art explores the NetEqualizer technology in detail, and answers your technical questions. So, whether you are an existing customer or just starting to think about bandwidth shaping, come learn more about the NetEqualizer technology and share your experiences with other customers. Remember – this is not a marketing presentation; it was created by techies, for techies!

Update on 2013 Fall Release

Our Fall Release is almost ready and we’ve selected the final features that will be implemented in the release. They are:

* Show All Rules for an IP – easily see which rules apply to a given IP for quick troubleshooting and reporting.

* Network Load Graph – a simplified version of the ntop load graph so you can see bandwidth usage over time.

* NSLookup Capability – do an NSLookup of any IP address in your active connections. If your organization uses dynamic DNS, this is the feature for you.

Each feature helps enhance our Dynamic Real-Time Reporting tool (RTR) and we are excited to continue improving this interface. We’d love to hear your ideas on what else could be included (either new features for the GUI or ntop features you’d like to see incorporated into our reporting tool). Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 2.44.26 PM

Our last feature listed (NSLookup Capability) was a request by NetEqualizer customer James Watson – Director of Technology Services at Spring Independent School District. Thanks James!

This summer we asked for your input on new features and we received a lot of great ideas. We’d like to thank all of the people who sent us suggestions. We’ll certainly keep those around and try to incorporate them into future releases!

Our Fall Release will be free to customers with valid NetEqualizer Software and Support who are running 7.0+. If you are not current with NSS, contact us today!

10 Year Anniversary Charitable Giving Summary!APconnections 10 Year Celebration

Throughout the summer we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary by donating a portion of all NetEqualizer sales to a

charity of the customer’s choice. We ended up giving away substantial donations to the following charities:

1) Habitat for Humanity

2) Doctors Without Borders

3) The Hunger Project


habitat_for_humanity_logo doctors without borders
The Hunger Project unicef_logo

Thanks to all of our new and existing customers who helped make this a great summer of giving!

Coming Soon: New Website Design!

We have been working with a graphic designer the last couple months to make our website easier to read and use. We’ve already updated our Customers page – here is a screenshot:


Next up – a new main page which will include our new look and feel. We will roll out the changes this fall with an updated site to be live by January 2014.

Look for that in an upcoming newsletter!

Leasing Program a BIG Hit

In July we announced our new NetEqualizer Leasing Program, and since it went live we have seen a great adoption rate. We are getting feedback that the program is working well for folks that need to align monthly expenditures with a monthly revenue steam – models commonly used by Business Centers and Internet Service Providers (for example).

If you are a business owner in either of these verticals, you should check out our Leasing Program to see if it meets your needs.


Local Linux Club Talk

If was not for the Linux community, and all the early adopters who trialed our very early NetEqualizer (raw versions) – numbering 10’s of thousands – there would likely be no NetEqualizer alternative in the traffic shaping space.

The cost structure to market a boot-strapped company would otherwise require VC money and our price points would be 3 to 4 times as much to recoup their investments.

The Clue Denver group is one of the most active Linux user groups in the country and we have recently been scheduled to speak at one of their upcoming meetings! We can’t wait to go back and speak to them and get some of their ideas on future products!

Check out their meeting calendar and if you are in the Denver, CO area, stop on by!

Best Of The Blog

Who is Your Customer?

By Art Reisman – CTO – APconnections

My morning ritual involves stopping in at my Local Grocery Store for  a cup of coffee at their branded coffee stand. Sometimes I also pick up a few grocery items before heading into the office. At this particular King Soopers, before 7:00 am, they don’t have any checkout lanes open. My only option is the automated line. The automated lanes are great when you have  one or two standard coded items, but every once in a while I forget the rules, and make the mistake. Never buy an un-coded bakery item, or some produce that the scanner does not know how to handle, doing so can make you the laughing stock of the store. The employees will huddle in the back room giggling at you on the security camera as you paw through endless menu options for a muffin that does not exist in the system.

This morning my first clue that something was amiss was that there were two check lanes open with attendants and baggers. All this at 6:45 in the morning. I also noticed somebody under the fresh flowers scrubbing the crud off the wood floor where the moisture seeps, two people organizing carts, and some strange men in suits huddling around the demo food vendors. Wait a second, demo food vendors at 6:45 in the morning?

“So is the CEO coming into the store today”, I asked the attendant who was dressed in some newly printed shirt, scrawled with a Dilbert slogan about customer service.” No not the CEO – he was here last week – today, we have the Vice President of sales visiting,” she replied…

Photo Of The Month

Jackson Hole Airport
Sometimes we travel to support our various customers around the world if the situation requires some hands-on work. We recently found ourselves in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming – a wintry, high-altitude paradise north of our home in Colorado.

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