NetEqualizer Announces Low-Cost CALEA Probe for Mid-Level ISPs

LAFAYETTE, Colo., May 18, 2007 — APconnections, a leading supplier of plug-and-play bandwidth shaping products and creator of the NetEqualizer, today announced an upgrade that will allow operators to perform the necessary data reporting measures mandated by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA.

“We already had a great bandwidth shaping tool dispersed in networks around the world. It was a natural extension to add CALEA functionality with our equipment already in place,” said Art Reisman, CEO of APconnections. “Rather than watch our customers purchase CALEA specific solutions at what seem to be inflated prices, we have produced a functional CALEA probe that meets the spirit of the law at no extra cost to our existing customers.”

The NetEqualizer CALEA probe will allow an ISP or other system operator to comply with a basic warrant for information about a user on their network by capturing and sending IP communications in real time to a third party. This communication can be captured either by headers alone, or by both headers and content. The NetEqualizer probe will provide basic descriptive tags identifying headers, data, and time stamps, along with HEX or ASCII representation of content data.

Customers with current NetEqualizer Software Subscriptions (NSS) can implement the upgrade at no charge. This will be done with the assurance that the NetEqualizer’s bandwidth-control capabilities will continue to operate effectively and unabated. All future NetEqualizer models will be shipped with the upgrade already installed.

The NetEqualizer is a plug-and-play bandwidth control and WAN/Internet optimization appliance that is flexible and scalable. When the network is congested, NetEqualizer’s unique “behavior shaping” technology gives priority to latency sensitive applications, such as VoIP and email. It does it all dynamically and automatically, improving on other bandwidth shaping technology out there. It controls network flow for the best WAN optimization.

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