Name-Based Shaping Is Now Available!

APconnections is pleased to announce the availability of name-based shaping. Now you can set class of service for your users by domain (user) name. And regardless of where or how they login into your network, the NetEqualizer will enforce subscribed service-level service agreements (i.e., 3 meg, 1 meg etc…).

How does this service work?

It is designed to work with your DHCP server. Your DHCP server is the device on your network which hands out an IP address to clients when they login or become active. Since clients can receive a new and different IP address each time they login, it is normally difficult and perhaps impossible to assign a unique SLA for each customer. But, with NetEqualizer name- based shaping, you assign the SLA to the customer domain name (computer name) and the SLA sticks with them wherever and whenever they login.

I use MAC addresses for shaping, why would I use name-based shaping?

MAC address shaping works well with small networks and is sufficient if you plan to remain under about 300 customers. But, once you grow beyond the amount of MAC addresses a network segment can handle, MAC address shaping breaks down and becomes complex to manage. If you are currently using MAC shaping and plan to increase your number of customers, it’s a good time to think about making the architecture change to domain-based shaping or some other alternative.

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