Canadians request comments on traffic shaping practices

Art Reisman CTO

I am not sure if this is open to Canadians only, but the CRTC (the Canadian equivalent of the FCC) has set up a site for comments regarding their policies on Internet traffic shaping. The site is open from now till April 30th and can be found at

So if you get the chance chime in and give them your thoughts.

For the fun of it (see below) I grabbed a few of the existing comments truely at random. After reading them it is funny how the consumer sentiments so far are in total agreement with what we NetEqualizer have been proselytizing  which is:  “Traffic management is fine as long as there is full disclosure of policies”. Nobody wants to pump gas without knowing the grade and the price and the same goes for their Internet service.


“Any traffic management practices deviating from complete network neutrality, that is to say, any practices that single out one protocol over another, should certainly be disclosed to the user in the service agreement. To disclose anything less would be consumer fraud.”

“Traffic management has a real impact on the product that a consumer is paying for. All ISPs are not created equal and consumers aren’t in a position to analyze the complexities of network management and the possible impacts on their usage.”

“All traffic shaping practices should be disclosed, in plain English, online and as a part of the terms of service.”

“I agree with the other posters thus far — if ISPs are allowed to get away with uncompetitive throttling of Internet traffic, those techniques and the effect on the customer should be fully disclosed in plain versions of both official languages.”

“Any new communication technologies can be thwarted if ISPs deem them to be competitive with any of their services, stifling innovation. Even the CBC has used BitTorrent to distribute programming, and..”

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