NetEqualizer Demo Sale Offers 30-Percent Discount On NE2000-10

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be launching our 2009 NetEqualizer demo sale, offering customers significantly reduced prices on lightly used NE2000-10 models. The sale was a resounding success last year and available units are limited, so interested parties should be quick to claim their NetEqualizers as the 2009 demos become available.

The list price for new NetEqualizer NE2000-10 models is $2,465, but the demos will be sold for only $1,750, a 30-percent discount. Each unit will be fully updated with the most recent NetEqualizer software and covered by the optional NetEqualizer Hardware Warranty (NHW). As with all units purchased directly from APconnections, the NetEqualizers will also come with our unmatched customer service and support.

The NE2000-10 is capable of shaping up to 10 Mbps and supporting 10,000 users. However, because of its versatility, the unit is perfect for universities, libraries, office parks, and businesses of all sizes. For more information on the entire NetEqualizer line, visit our Web site at or view our full price list at

For purchasing information or other questions, please contact us at or 303-997-1300.

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