NetEqualizer expects to gain market share in recession

Lafayette Colorado

APconnections released a statement today saying that they expect to gain market share in the highly competitive bandwidth control and WAN optimization market should there be another downturn in the world economy.

“We obviously don’t wish a recession on anybody.   The main reason for our success in a tight market is our low price.  In good times some customers are hesitant to contact us  because they believe that our lower pricing model just can’t be true without a gimmick. When a recession comes along, businesses are still faced with the problem of a congested Internet link with less operating dollars available to spend.  Next thing we know is that our phone starts ringing with inquiries, followed by new customers opting to trial the NetEqualizer.”  The cautious inquirer soon turns into an NetEqualizer advocate, as per the comment below.

Peter Spencer

In the UK there is an advertising slogan for paint that says:  ”It does exactly what it says on the tin”. Well the NetEqualizer does exactly what they claim on their website: we took it out of the box, plugged it in to our network, and 10 minutes later, all our bandwidth problems disappeared. No more dropped VoIP calls, and no more complaints about slow internet access or stuck emails. We did get a couple of unhappy users – but those were the folks who were downloading movies on peer-to-peer or running unauthorised web-servers on our network – and they had caused all the trouble for everyone! NetEqualizer was automatically throttling back their bandwidth usage. Easy. We have 100 tenants in our serviced office, and the internet just HAS to work 24/7 – NetEqualizer has made them, and us, happy!

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