APconnections Releases FREE Version of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Device

APconnections quietly released a free version of their IPS device yesterday. Codenamed StopHack, you can install this full-featured IPS with a little elbow grease on your own hardware. This powerful technology is used to detect and block hacker intrusion attempts before they get into your network.

Although the price is free for this version, under the hood, the StopHack software can handle about 10,000 simultaneous streams (users) hitting your network and will check every query for malformed and invasive URL’s. These type of attacks are the most dangerous and are typically exploited by probing bots to knock holes in your servers. StopHack also has a nice log where you can see who has attempted to breach your network, and a white list to exempt users from being scrutinized at all.

It comes with 16 of the most common intrusion techniques blocked, (more can be purchased with a support contract), and uses behavior-based techniques to differentiate a friendly IP from a non-friendly IP.

Click here for the StopHack FAQ.

Click here to get the download and installation instructions.

NOTE: StopHack is free to use but support must be purchased if you need help for any reason, including installation.

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